From ECM-link to the right Email Campaign

In the operations around we often get contacted by someone who has a problem with a link. Recent example of that is when we started to enable the CSRF-extensions for Sitecore 6.6(Update-3). All kinds of redirect problems were caught, but how to figure out to which exact mailing they are related?

Don’t worry, that’s easy… As long as you have database access… Smile

So let’s assume we have the following link:

The steps to get to the Campaign:

  1. Take the ec_as-query string parameter
  2. Execute the following script to the database. Where @guid is your ec_as-parameter

    DECLARE @guid VARCHAR(50)
    SET @guid = ‘00000000000000000000000000000000’

    SELECT [AutomationId]
      FROM [Sitecore_DMS].[dbo].[AutomationStates]
      WHERE [AutomationStateId] = CAST(
            SUBSTRING(@guid, 1, 8) + ‘-‘ + SUBSTRING(@guid, 9, 4) + ‘-‘ + SUBSTRING(@guid, 13, 4) + ‘-‘ +
            SUBSTRING(@guid, 17, 4) + ‘-‘ + SUBSTRING(@guid, 21, 12)

  3. Now you have the AutomationId which is the same as your Automation Plan in the back-end. You can simply search for the Item in the Content Editor.
  4. Once you’ve found this item, you can got to the Navigate Tab –> Links –> Referrers –> All campaigns that use this automation

So basically what have we done? We used the Automation State to get back to the original Campaign. Sounds easy doesn’t it Smile?

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