PDC09 – What I’ll watch – Day 1

PDC09  has started. Unfortunatelly I’m not there. But no worries! Everythings get recorded by the Channel 9 chaps.
I thought: let’s share my recommended movies / the movies I’ll watch :).

So here we go:

  1. Data Programming and Modeling for the Microsoft .NET Developer
    Don Box! The main guy behind Oslo, someone you should always watch!
  2. Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Core Runtime for Web Developers
    That’s my job isn’t it? ASP.NET 4 is upcoming, .NET 4 is upcoming, so we as Sitecore should remain running!
  3. Code Visualization, UML, and DSLs
    Very interesting way of looking at code is to Visualize it and make it more human.
    Definitelly one to watch.
  4. Manycore and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4: A Match Made in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    Many core is the main issue these days. This video brings a lot of the great work done by MSFT together.

All together 4 hours of watching. Have fun 🙂

Updated: Now with working links. Sorry!

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  1. This story may provide some temporary emotions but they are not exciting ones that should ultimately be forgotten within a couple of days.

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