Sitecore 6.1 Update 1 Released

To all of you Sitecore Developers, Architects and Webmasters out there. I just want to point you on our latest update: CMS 6.1.0 Update rev. 090722 , also known as 6.1.0 Update-1 ) and OMS 1.0.0 (full version number: Sitecore Online Marketing Suite 1.0.0 rev. 090722).

Although it isn’t a recommended release at the moment, I’d suggest everybody who’s working with the Sitecore OMS to update your installation to this version. Especially when you’re still in the development process of your website. Directly after the final release we’ve been working for a full month to make sure this release would fix every annoying issue which was introduced with our newest release feeded by the earliest Customer and Partner feedback.

So to give your site an optimal boost: install this version! 🙂

Later this week, I do expect some more exciting news… I’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Sitecore 6.1 Update 1 Released”

  1. Hi,
    The Sitecore CMS we own is Sitecore_6.0.0_rev._090120. I can not install it on Windows 7. Are you aware of an update to fix this? I can not find this information anywhere.


  2. Hello Alex,
    Just a quick question (in English as your blog is in English). On the site of Sitecore Express I read the Express version is limited in functions. Is OMS a part of the Express version? I would like to try a couple of things with a personal site to test it.

    Thanks for your reply,


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