Thank you, Sitecore community

Just a short blogpost from me this morning. I want to thank all of you for supplying us so much valuable input. We highly appreciate the way you guys are helping us on improving all the different functionalities in Sitecore.

Today I had a short conversation with a partner and later on one of our core developers about the page editor. It seems that we can accelerate very quickly when you express what your thoughts are.

It’s also a big compliment to our core team. These highly skilled guys are able to look through the bush and discover real life issues. It requires a high level of abstraction but also a deep insight in daily issues at our partners and customers.

Please keep the suggestions coming. I try to direct them. Likewise will Lars and Darren. And when I’m talking about suggestions, don’t stick to API changes, also higher level opinions such as documentation or development strategies are welcome. Feel absolutely free to contact us either using email(adg-at-sc-net), Twitter or any other media.

That’s it for this morning. Have a great day, I’ll have a great coffee :).