Microsoft: Maybe the solution for a lot of your problems?

Figured just out that when starting programs in my newly installed Windows 7 installation, I’m always searching for the name of the program. For those who are not familiar with ‘searching in the startmenu’, please have a look at the screenshot below and look particularly at the search box.


When I search for ‘Internet Explorer’ I’ll get my standard browser: IE. Searching for ‘Mozilla’ will return the browser I use for mail and feed reading(all Google).

Why am I searching for Internet Explorer or Mozilla, why not for ‘Browser’ or ‘Internet’? I can depend on the icon what to choose. It will safe me a bunch of irrelevant names to remember, but more important, it more intuitive. It will also get the discussion away from what kind of browser you’re using. Create a simple dialog which allows you to download a couple of browsers associated to it. It is more logical and less vendor specific. I think it will be the solution for the discussion bundling IE with Windows as well!