Apple is not always better than Microsoft *Updated*

It’s funny, these days people are extremely pleased about the products from Apple. I’m absolutely happy with the usability of the iPhone, I like my iPod and I’m still asking Michael Seifert(our CEO) if I can get the first Sitecore Macbook Air ;). Enough commercials. I’m a fanatic Microsoft user. Most likely you are as well. Sometimes I like it, although I’ve got my doubt about usability and release management. We’ve seen enough of that with the .NET 3.5 SP1 release.

But why for god’s sake, can’t Apple manage it to make iTunes a usable application on Windows? It’s crazy. A company so much focused on usability creates a slow unusable application with a huge memory footprint. Porting your application settings from your previous installation to a new one is a hell. And than the installer. Everyone who has to install Quicktime, iTunes or Safari is used to it:

apple update

My god, 77.25 MB’s? And now only 31.80 MB? I lost clue. Even more annoying: A while ago I decided not to install Safari. Wrong, total mistake. You get triggered all the time(sometimes on a daily base) if you want to install this browser. NO!! Ask me only once, don’t be Googlish(you know with their ugly toolbar in every open source installation).
Finally after the installation above, I received the following message:

apple restart

So, Apple, who’s always critical about Windows, can’t even create an installer which doesn’t have to restart? Although I have to give them one credit… my iPod survived a trip in the washing machine :). Sorry for my dirt, but it seems like commercial companies of this size can’t score a positive figures on all sides. And, that’s even worst, this is nothing new, they don’t seem to care, otherwise it was fixed long ago.

Updated: thank you commenter for updating my spelling, I always welcome people to let me learn from my mistake. Unfortunately my commenter is the kind of person who accesses a public computer and doesn’t use his real email. So I’m unable to thank him. Sorry!

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  1. Re: Apple is not always better than Microsoft

    Hi Alex,

    You asked why iTunes needs to install Quicktime, as shown in your screenshot of the updater in Windows. The answer is fairly simple. Although iTunes can play many formats (AIFF, MP3, MP4, M4A, etc.) the music files that download from the iTunes Store are either AAC ( for audio, or H.264 ( for video.

    QuickTime is optimized for these media formats. Also, since some of the audio files and video files contain DRM, QuickTime is needed to decode and play these files.

    You also asked why you have to restart after the install. This is the same on Macs as it is on Windows. The reason is because the installer installs files at the system level in order to function. It probably isn’t totally necessary to do, but it’s much safer to restart after a system level installation. So, for the minor inconvenience of having to restart you avoid any potential problems that might happen if you didn’t restart.

    Personally, I’d rather play it safe and spend the 30 seconds for a restart.

  2. The window is showing you how much disk space you need
    The progress bar is showing how much data will need to be downloaded.
    Compression technologies these days makes these numbers different.
    As to Windows not allowing them to completely install services without needing a reboot, lets not kick Apple too severely over that one.

  3. I have learnt that any software from Apple for Windows sucks. For example, I always have to kick the iTunes process manually after I close the app. Otherwise it is just sitting there and eating my CPU. A lot of fun! I did not use Mac OS but for some reason I think their software is much better on their native platform.

  4. I agree with Alex and Jeff (above). Apple can write great software for Mac OS, but Windows is a completely different platform. It is Windows which forces the restart after installing certain kinds of apps. For example, in *nix land (which OSX is a aprt of) I can insert kernel mode drivers after boot. Hello modprobe! The restart is not Apple’s fault, it’s Microsoft’s.

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