Something around Visual Studio / .NET 3.5 SP1?!

This is not official… but we’re investigating some issues with Sitecore and latest service pack. It seems like there’s an issue related to SQL Server.
As we’re in progress of testing everything as it might be our internal computer configs. I’m not able to tell you anything except:

There’s an issue related to the access viewer and creating thumbs in the media library. It seems like that every time Sitecore is accessing the database directly,the following issues occur:

  • Memory consumption of the working process is getting extremely high
  • CPU usage will at least go to the maximum on a core
  • Browser freezes

This only seem to occur on the final version of the SP, we haven’t reproduced it yet on the Beta or Release Candidate.

When you’ve got a similar issue with either Sitecore 5 or 6, please report it immediately to support. For all others who hasn’t installed SP1 yet, I would recommend to wait till the moment we clarify what goes on.

And once again: this is an unofficial statement as we couldn’t test every configuration. As soon as we’ve investigated everything I will come back to you guys and we’ll update resources as SDN.