When I was the boss I would hire…

… Steve Gedikian. You know his name? He worked at Nullsoft, the founders of Winamp. Back in the time when I was playing with my first C# bits, he left Winamp as a program manager. Somehow this guy always impressed me. Look at this blog-post why he leaves Winamp:

Over the past 10 months we’ve lost most of our team. Those of us remaining have become quite weary of the many ‘compromises’ we are asked to make in order to keep moving forward. At this point, I feel like I no longer have the power to make any positive impact on Winamp.

That said, we did accomplish a lot during the past 5 years. I still occasionally get emails saying ‘wow, I didn’t know AOL owns you!’ and that’s a testament to how successful we were in staying true to ourselves, our products, and our community. Unfortunately it was just a matter of time until everything changes.

Leaving Winamp became world news because CNet payed some attention. Afterwards Steve Jobs hired him. And of course, Jobs did a great job. Still sad that he’s now ‘just’ managing iTunes. Which is not the most brillian application on the Windows platform(but can never beat Acrobat Reader), but at least it works and looks cool :).

The reason I remembered his name again was because Winamp released a new version yesterday. Seems like AOL still pays attention to Winamp. Hopefully they will continue developing and releasing version 6 some day. Last propaganda quote from AOL ;-), what’s Winamp:

One part genius. Three parts llama. And a sprinkling of corporate AOL. That’s what Winamp is all about.

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