Your programming competence’s

I came across this matrix all about programming competence’s. I was quite impressed about my score:

  • Computer Science: a bit more Level 2 then 3.
    It seems like my education has covered a lot of the required areas. But still I’m not the guy who’s going to explain any kind of data structure without even looking at some detailed material. Some knowledge must remain in books… not in your head!
  • Software Engineering: Absolutely Level 2.
    I’ve been doing version control, build scripts and TDD. But never been a step further.
  • Programming: again somewhere between Level 2 and 3.
    For 50% of the action I’ve got experience in the 3rd Level, but unfortunately I do not write enough code these days to enrich my knowledge.
  • Experience: Level 2.
    Only in years of experience am I missing some years 😉
  • Knowledge: Again between 2 and 3.
    My general interest for everything in the computer world even keeps me awake, so I guess I’ll reach Level 3 some day…

Take the test yourself and see where you can improve your skills. It’s nice to see such a matrix!

One thought on “Your programming competence’s”

  1. It is also highly subjective… 😛

    The author’s own lack of knowledge is striking, as the “limit” for where he puts his level 5 is highly fluxuating.

    Consider “Databases”. Where does knowledge about database partitioning fall in? Object Oriented databases vs Relational Databases?

    Or “Scripting”. “Has written and published reusable code”… !?

    And since when was knowledge of Prolog indicative of anything other than being around for waaay too long?

    I see where he’s coming from however. But this matrix is hardly based on anything other than the author’s reflection of himself.

    If you are interested in the subject matter, I would highly recommend swinging by (you will need to register, but it’s worth it) and have a look at the wealth of information found here.

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