Houston, we’ve got Sitecore 6!

Wohoo, just published: Sitecore Crestone, also known as Sitecore 6!
Our answer on everything what could get better and everything we wanted to work better, smoother, nicer, etc.

The release includes:

  • Inline editing(on your website)
  • Simplified working with Sitecore
  • Improved security model
  • Smarter and faster Content Editor
  • Improved Configuration management

Click to get a full ‘What’s new’ document.

Go ahead and jump to the documentation section on SDN with the latest details. Have fun!
And congratulations to our CMS, Documentation, Module, Product Marketing and Product Management teams that they’ve created this evolution is Sitecore world.

One thought on “Houston, we’ve got Sitecore 6!”

  1. We’re undergoing a SiteCore overhaul, any I’m wondering if you know how the LDAP module and security tie into SiteCore 6? I understand that the security in SiteCore 6 has been reworked for the better, but is the LDAP Module still compatible? Any insights on LDAP + SiteCore 6?


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