Houston, we’ve got Sitecore 6!

Wohoo, just published: Sitecore Crestone, also known as Sitecore 6!
Our answer on everything what could get better and everything we wanted to work better, smoother, nicer, etc.

The release includes:

  • Inline editing(on your website)
  • Simplified working with Sitecore
  • Improved security model
  • Smarter and faster Content Editor
  • Improved Configuration management

Click to get a full ‘What’s new’ document.

Go ahead and jump to the documentation section on SDN with the latest details. Have fun!
And congratulations to our CMS, Documentation, Module, Product Marketing and Product Management teams that they’ve created this evolution is Sitecore world.

Sitecore 6: Improved search in the client (1/2)

We received a lot of great feedback about the internal Sitecore Search. Today I’ll show you what we’ve done to make sure that the Search in Sitecore 6 will be used as a way to really navigate through your content.

First of all integration in the content tree:

Sorry for the background noise. I’m couldn’t get it out of my screencast. But hey, at least we’ve got a cool ‘Channel 9’-like screencast ;-).
Another small screencast about search later this week.

New shared source module: Sitecore URI Translation

For a prospect customer I’ve created a prototype where the URLs where translated in Sitecore. As this solution was pretty much well-designed and documented, I’ve decided to share it with the rest of the world.
The solution is designed for Sitecore 5.3 and does take advantage of the C# 3 features.

You can find the module here, inclusive architecture overview, code samples, known issues and installation guide: