Upcoming events

The upcoming weeks I’m quite busy doing a lot of presentations. If you are willing to see me, please come to one of the following sessions:

  1. CMS Congres on the 21th of May in Nijmegen, here I’ll present "The 7 habits of Highly Effective Websites" at 12:20 in the room LABDA. This is a very nice presentation for IT decision makers and marketers to make the right choices when it comes to implementing their new website.
  2. WebScene 2008 on the 3rd of June in Bruxelles. Sitecore is present there as well with a nice booth and 2 sessions. I’ll keep you informed about the first, the second will be "SEO from concept to CMS implementation".
  3. eFocus Sitecore Event on the 12th of June in Utrecht. Again we’ll be talking about SEO. This time the session be done together with Ruben Timmerman of Usarchy.com. Ruben will focus on SEO in concept and I’ll go into the decision which should be made by the customer when it comes to the exact implementation. The main difference between this session and WebScene is that Ruben will give a more broad overview what’s possible when it comes to SEO and my session will closely match his information. The day will end with a nice case presented by one of the eFocus directors.

The last 2 events are free of charge.

I won’t attempt DevDays this year because of my heavy schedule. But I’m sure that I’ll be back there next year.
I’ll keep you informed on updates on events. During the events, please feel free to talk to me. I’m always interested to share opinion also about non-Sitecore-cases.