Microsoft focuses on Extensibility

Recently, a lot of blogs have written about the new Microsoft Extensibility Framework(MEF).
From an ISV(Independent Software Vendor) perspective, this is really interesting. As you all know, Sitecore has rebuild a lot of functionality such as events, hooking, threading, etc. It is nice to see that Microsoft has figured out that they should spend a lot of time in making their API’s more extensible and adding support for it.

The funny thing is that I’ve been discussing how a product such a Sitecore handles it’s internal connections(i.e. class coupling, interfaces, events, exception). I’ve formed a new vision on how a system should be build up, instead from an exception policy to and incident policy(a bit to abstract and to experimental to describe here).
Microsoft might provides me some tools to make my vision come reality in the feature. At least you’ll see a demonstration of System.AddIn using ASP.NET on my blog in the upcoming weeks.

For more information on Microsoft’s exact plans, please watch this blogpost by Krzysztof Cwalina.