My lack of blogging

I’m getting a lot of question why I’m blogging not so often these days. As I’m inside the Sitecore company I’d have lots of ideas to talk about and experiences to share. This is so true, but also so dangerous. While I was in the past independent and not aware of any ‘issues’ considering legal stuff and Sitecore innovations. Now I’m. And I’m involved in a lot of project where my audience, you guys the developers, system administrators and customers don’t want me to talk about.

So right now I’m considering how to go further. I still like to write and will continue. Also with the same subjects which vary from concepts to specific development tips and trics. I’ll just have to find out what I’m allowed to write and what not. There are a couple of topics on my shortlist. Which include our Shared Source project(and some specific ones: my upcoming shared source projects) and deployment, a lot of partners seem to struggle with it.

I also found out that I’m finally able to think a bit further then the previous and current project. So I might attempt to write some more aboutthe information I’m receiving and my considerations about information flows in companies.

At least: thank you for reading this. You’ve subscribed to my feed or might be a regular visitor. That’s great :).
Have a great day!

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