Polymorphism and Encapsulation

I often hear developers talk polymorphism. Or actually I hear them saying something similar as nobody(inclusive me) seems to have a clue how it should be pronounced. I’ve figured it out for all of us:

polymorphism => Pronounce("PAH-lee-MOR-fih-zum");

Well anyway, back to the title; I want to talk about these 2 often used ground concepts of Object Oriented programming. You’ll learn the concepts in college or while reading an introduction-to-OO-book. Unfortunately in my experience 95% of all developers around will learn ‘real’ OO after 2 or 3 years of work experience. When these skills are finally at the level they should be, they’ll never link a used pattern to a name such as polymorphism.

For everyone who can’t provide me a clear definition of both terms. Just read this great article by Brain Mains. You’ll be the smart guy when it comes to an OO-discussion at the office.

Happy coding/designing :).