Functional programming and influence on .NET

Today I was invited at Caesar Group. One of our dutch partners. They asked me to do a Sitecorecase but unatfortunetelly I wasn’t able to do that. So I decided to do session about Functional programming and its influence of imperative programming. Especially C# and a little bit Java.
It was a great session and I enjoyed seaking. The Caesar Microsoft crew liked it a lot and they asked some good questions.
I choose the subject because of .NET 3.5/C#3.0/parallelism are hottopics these days. I also spent some time on lists, generics and the C5-library.

For those who are interested. The slides are available for download. There are some mistakes(spelling and grammar) in it. You might already be used to it when watching this blog ;). I’ll fix that later this week but I haven’t got some time left to do that today. Sorry…

You can download the slides here with some code snaps included.

Thanks you Caesar Group for inviting me. I’d love to come back to you guys some time.