Sitecore (Power)Shell: Revolver

I’ven’t been posting a lot lately. Generally because of I’ve broken my arm during wintersport. 🙁
It’s my third week now at Sitecore and although I’ve got this unpleasant, really annoying handicap, I’m having a great time. It’s really nice to visit all the different partners and customers. All of them are friendly and real pleasant people.

A nice thing is that I’m also on the internal technical mailinglist(by mailking Lars). Today Revolver passed by.
Revolver is a command line XAML app. It allows you to query the Sitecore databases. And it works definitelly fine.
For those who are interested, take a look at this movie. Trust me, its worth it!

Update: I forgot to notice that this is a product from Australia. Oceania is really going to conquer the Sitecore world. 😀

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  1. Yeah, if sitecore backend wouldn’t be so slow, this Revolver tool would be really cool

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