Sitecore potentially on Mono

Came across the Mono Project page today. Its wonderful to see all those volunteers working extremely hard on implementing the whole BCL and all other projects in Mono. ASP.NET 2.0 is almost implemented. They’ve decided not to implement precompiled websites and the WebParts API. For compatibility testing, they’ve release MoMA(Mono Migration Analyzer).

I’ve been running 5.3.2’s Sitecore.Kernel, Sitecore.Client and Sitecore.Nexus against mono 1.2.6. The results are surprising:


  • 1 Method is missing in Mono
  • 1 Method is marked with a MonoTodo


  • 20 P/Invokes into native code
  • 9 Methods are missing in Mono
  • 15 Methods are marked with a MonoTodo


  • No issues found

So it becomes time to get rid of the last P/Invokes for comparing, timers and process data. Then Sitecore will run without any problems on Mono(potentially, haven’t tested tough). So let’s get this on the roadmap folks!

It would be very cool for all the Sitecore XPress chaps around who love to host on *n?x-variants.

3 thoughts on “Sitecore potentially on Mono”

  1. Actually, I remember back in the days when Sitecore 5.0 was in beta guys in Sitecore were writing in brochures that it can run on Mono but I would guess nobody had intrest on so it seems like it became a “forgotten feature”.
    But maybe now with XPress this will become more intresting to support…

  2. did you try to run sitecore 6 on Mono 2.4 ?…

    I would be interested to see and I will try to find time to do it.

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