Alex is moving…

Yes I’m. I’m actually finishing my last days at the great company LECTRIC. I’ve had a fantastic time with lots of really cool colleagues. I’ve learned a lot. Starting as a 17 year script kiddie. Look me now, nearly 4 years later, in age, the wisdom I’ve collected is hardly to describe in years. I’m pretty happy to ‘announce’: I’ll join Sitecore from the start of March.

Details on where you can find me and what you’ve to do to get me on the phone will follow. I’ve got a lot of ideas for the product and I’m sure I’ll have a lot of influence in future product development. I will also continue to spread the word. Blog about Sitecore, Content Management, development and .NET. And you’ll likely see me joining Lars(or Lars joining me) in the .NET/CM community as a speaker.

For now, thank you: Alex, Anton, Bart, Ben, Bert, Erwin, Esther, Frans, Hans, Hanny, Jan, Jan-Hein, Jan-Pieter, Jeroen, Karen, Kevin, Lydia, Martijn, Mark, Marcel, Max, Michiel, Niels, Okke, Paul, Paul, Rob, Robin, Ruud, Ruud, Sander, Sjoerd, Sjoerd and Vincent. And all the colleagues I’ve seen coming and going away and those who are still in the company but I forget to mention. I’ve learned so much and the last year the support I received when I was in Zaltbommel.

Some friendly words to all of you:
Thank you Coby for the lunches :). Bert for the smalltalk every friday evening. Marion for being the voice when I call. And Lydia for sending the overview of my vacation days left, over and over. Bert(2) for giving me the chance to join LECTRIC. Jan-Hein for the wise words last Christmas. Sjoerd for being ‘a little’ chaotic. Paul for showing me how you survive a weekend in Berlin and calling his son after me. Marcel for explaining me how to snowboard. Martijn for ‘developing’ a Sitecore baby. Ben for calling his wife ;). Rob for the ongoing discussions. Erwin for his critical but friendly voice. Karen for being always right(she is!). Hans for education, being my driver and for trying to convince me that Java ‘superclasses’ C#. Sjoerd(2) for dissing my music. JP for all the deployment stuff. Vincent for being our BOFH. Ruud for teaching me how to write code, sing, eat, smoke and drink coke at the same time. Paul(2) for always having the opposite vision on design. Alex for the words of 2008. Niels for the useless movies on Hyves. Okke for the weekly car and football update. Frans for being the oldest, while I was his youngest ‘son’. Robin for the evening in ‘White Trash’, Berlin. Michiel for unlimited enthusiasm. Bart of saying Smartsite is always better and does have a better concept. Kevin for being quite. Jeroen for trusting me and the conversations about what does care in life. Esther for having patience when I was in a rush again. Anton for selling me and a big box of air, over and over. Mark for trusting me as a teacher. Jan for listening to all my theories. Hanny for being my LECTRIC-mother. Max for being my buddy the last 9 months. And all those I forget… Sorry. This definitely was just a abstract of what the LECTRIC family is and stands for.

Now I just want to say: Cheers! Let’s have a beer.

5 thoughts on “Alex is moving…”

  1. hey,
    nice to hear another “known person” is joining sitecore.. good luck and have fun 🙂

    cheers chris

  2. Thank you both :D.
    I’m really happy with the step. And hopefully I’ll get the chance to bring some additional value to the community.

  3. Via via kwam ik weer eens op je blog terecht. Het lijkt dat je weer een mooi nieuw avontuur hebt gevonden, vet man! Succes met de nieuwe baan en bedankt voor de goede tijden @ LECTRIC. Groeten vanuit California en het ga je goed!


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