Beauty and most annoying things about Silverlight

Let me be clear, I like Silverlight. I like the idea of using XML for data-driven web interaction. I also like it to see the CLR run in such a small package. You might even want to call it Micro Language Runtime. Its extremely fast as well. Unbelievable how quick movies load. I don’t need HTML 5 for media components, just give me Silverlight :).

Can you also imagine what proper written Silverlight can mean for screenreaders? It can actually make interaction readable for that kind of applications. Cool!

Well there’s also another side of Silverlight. For example, I couldn’t use Silverlight for a long time. Why? The 1.1 alpha wasn’t compatible with Silverlight 1.0. So it bugged me over and over to install Silverlight and when I listened, the system told me it couldn’t because a new version was installed.

I didn’t want to uninstall 1.1 neither as it could harm my instable VS2008. Well just another 2 weeks using this crappy Windows version(it bugged me last week extremely). Then it becomes time to clear all of it and dump the machine(like every 2 months…).

Last note for the Sitecore junkies out there, compare the following three option you’ve got when you become a XAML-addict:

  • XAML to Windows -> WPF
  • XAML to Interaction -> WPF/E -> Silverlight
  • XAML to Html -> Sitecore

How cool technology can be. It can even make people cry ;).

2 thoughts on “Beauty and most annoying things about Silverlight”

  1. Which version of Windows is buggy?

    Just kidding, but honestly wondering which version is bothering you.

  2. Hi John,

    I ruined my Windows XP. It hasn’t been reinstalled in nearly a year now. I used to do it once per quarter.
    Guess I’m digging a bit to deep into the OS.

    Last week the system was unbelievable slow. The GUI-process was using unbelievable I/O operations. After a week this disappeared, but now SQL2005 is extremely slow.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m sure this notebook will be reinstalled in 2 weeks. The reason will be on my blog tomorrow :).

    – Alex

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