So what’s the Nexus?

It’s been a while since I’ve been actively blogging about some core parts of Sitecore. As the guys in Copenhagen are working really hard on a release called ‘Crestone’, It becomes time again to get you guys 100% up-to-date.

Well back to the current release. Take the last build: 5.3.2 rev. 071220. It does contain a new library: Sitecore.Nexus.dll.

So what’s a Nexus? It’s a part of the Next-Generation Secure Computing Base initiated by MSR. The nexus particular is the security part. Here’s the wikipedia quote:

In NGSCB, there are two software components, the Nexus, a security kernel that is part of the Operating System, and Nexus Computing Agents (NCAs), trusted modules within NGSCB-enabled applications.

So what’s the Nexus in Sitecore? It ain’t that hard at all. It’s the part which manages all the heavily secured stuff such as licensing. It also takes care of the basic data-actions(add, copy, create, etc), the Sitecore HttpHandler and has some advanced XML-utils.
It’s heavily obfuscated as you would expect from a part which handles the secured stuff in a system.

That brings us immediately to the Sitecore.kernel. There is no need anymore to have this thing so heavily obfuscated as it was in the past. is obfuscated twice as heavy as the Sitecore.kernel was, and the kernel lost (all of its?) obfuscation. This doesn’t mean you can reverse engineer the whole product, this the nexus is heavily obfuscated. But it allows you to use tools such as Reflector to get a way better understanding of the product.

A nice things with 5.3.2 is by the way that the Nexus handles the start up way more efficiently. In other words, it does mean you don’t have to be that patient again on the first run after a build of your assemblies.

Before all you guys are going to download the latest build and use it in your latest projects, make sure you’re aware of the fact that 5.3.2 is still not yet the recommended release!

Note: ‘Crestone’ is the codename of the next release. Its announced a while ago to all partners on their network. Make sure you’ll read the roadmap over there.

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  1. are you talking about Microsoft’s NGSCB? or another thing also with the name of “Nexus”

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