I’m a happy coder: Sharepoint vs Sitecore

Today I came across these two blogpost by some Microsoft chaps. They are generally about memory leaks in Sharepoint. The usage of disposable objects, etc.

It seems like Microsoft has a lot of object which needs to be disposed over and over?! Yes we’re talking about a tool written in a managed language! And ofcourse, the reason may be clear:

Internally, SPSite and SPWeb both hold references to an “internal class Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest” which holds on to unmanaged COM resources.

But please, we’re living in 2008! When such an important part of your application depends on an unmanaged resource, you do have a big issue. And I would highly recommend Microsoft to get rid of this.
Sitecore uses the IDisposable pattern a lot as well. But this will introduce nice features such the change of security context or to do some timing.

I hate to bash against other systems as all of them are useful in some way. But as a code I generally like those concerns. I prefer managed code above a system language such as C++ primarily because of Garbage Collection and I don’t want that objective taken away.
Just needed to share this with the community. Look how happy we should be :).