Community updates: VS Web deployment, Functional programming and XPress

Scott Guthrie announced this morning that the Web Deployment project of Visual Studio 2008 is finally released. Short from now I’ll write  tutorial for all you guys how to work with Sitecore and the deployment project.
For those guys who can’t wait, please review this tutorial by Scott himself.


Last weeks lots of interesting movies passed my way on Channel 9. Here a short overview:

  1. Parallel Extensions for the .NET Framework, An excellent overview for people who want to get started with the latest and most up-to-date Parallel-programming library. Here you’ll find some of my experiments with PLINQ/PFx and Sitecore.
  2. For the compiler freaks: Making Sense of VC Intellisense. It’s cool to see the MS boys working with real AST’s in the CLR for IntelliSense.
  3. I wrote about C5 before. What a cool library. Finally Channel9 came across the developers: Peter Sestoft- C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI
  4. Maybe the coolest and clearest video I’ve seen in the past few months. All about what Functional programming is, what side-effect are and why you just want side-effects(you can’t get rid of ‘m). For those who do understand the movie, it’s really nice to see the high level discussion in the thread below the movie.
    Erik Meijer- Functional Programming
  5. Krys posted his very nice TechEd session: Framework engineering.


Finally, last Monday Lars Nielsen announced a new product. Sitecore Xpress is a free developer version of Sitecore, which is mentioned for personal usage. And just personal usage ;). Within just a little more then a week, the official announcement-webcast will be there. Be there!

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  1. Hi,

    What are your experiences with using the combination Sitecore/Web Deploy (MSDeploy)? Did you have time to write a tutorial about it?

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