CMSCenter goes Europe!

There’s no better time then launching your website at the start of a year. You’ll have plenty of time to optimize all the stuff you’ve to optimize during the summer and you are still able to reach your goals within a year :D.

So does my main CMS-resource: CMSCenter. This website was, until now only available for the CMS market in Belgium and the Netherlands. But Christian and Karine have found some time to translate their content, and as you can read here, they will continue writing in English. They also got a new service for potential CMS Customers: CMS Selection.

The reason I spent a post on promoting a news-website is that I’ve met Christian Daems last year three times, and I’ve to say, I really a fan of his work! This guy is extremely good in what he’s doing(giving the right advice) but he has an open mind as well. I’ve seen too many consultants who are blind for everything around them, but Christian has a very open vision and doesn’t ignore yours.

So for all your European CMS news, please visit!