Building a competence tool

Today I’ve had a conversation with Hans, our technical manager. It was all about competencies, how to store them and how to use them for reporting, sales, etc. But most important, how to make sure it’s not hard to fill them down. Otherwise programmers won’t even think about filling them down.

So I’ve decided to build a competence tool. This might be a very useless project, as LECTRIC properly will buy a very expensive HRM-tool or integrate it with Microsoft CRM, but I do not care, for me it’s  important that I can get my hands on external datasources(AD/CRM/MS Project/Exchange/etc), build an AJAX-site(with a little bit of more then just the UpdatePanel) and make a full WebControl-driven site.

The requirements:

  • A competence form with 3 levels, clickwise fillable(.NET, click, ASP.NET, click, WebControls, click, 3 stars, next)
  • Easy to send it to projectmembers by just selecting them followed by an email
  • Friendly reports per project
  • Friendly sales reports(I’m looking for a guy who has worked a lot with databases and XHTML)
  • Possibility to use the tool for exams as well(I’ve passed MS exam xx-xxx, etc)

I’ve been designing the solution as well. All non external content(possibly), will be stored in 1 database(master), all content which might possibly come from different sources, will be stored in another database(called: resources).

I’ll heavily use AJAX for simplistic development and usability. All the functionality will be implemented in WebControls, layouts and sublayouts(when necessary) won’t have any code behind. All content is displayed using XSLT.

Yeah this is really Rapid Application Development :).

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