Favicon.ico, why include it in the default dists?

One of the things I personally hate about Sitecore is that the favicon.ico is always included in the standard distributions. At LECTRIC we’ve decided to remove the favicon.ico by default at the start or deployment of a project(although sometimes one or two slip trough). So we’ll never have to answer the customer question why the Sitecore logo appears on their website(=navigation bar).

My question… Why do you include it anyway? Is it that interesting for marketing? More vendors do the same trick, but why?
Some random thoughts the last morning of 2008…

3 thoughts on “Favicon.ico, why include it in the default dists?”

  1. Well, you mean the last morning of 2007 ;-))
    But I think it’s a marketing gag, …

    Enjoy the night, then you are in 2008 :)) … cheers chris

  2. Hey guys,

    I don’t know the answer either, but my guess is that it was just included to remind developers of replacing it (= to not forget the favicon).

    I don’t think it has any marketing value whatsoever 🙂

    Enjoy tonight and have a great 2008. Alex – we’ll hear more of each other for sure 😉


  3. I think favicon had some value in the past. It let users know what site they were on, given the lack of aesthetic beauty in websites 15+ years ago versus today (content and stylesheets did not convey where you were as salient as they do today, given people are more in-tuned in making their sites look good).

    I think the favicon is a hold over from years gone by: a vestigial organ that was needed in the past; a nice thing have today, albeit removing it will cause no damage to the holistic system.

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