2008 and two years of blogging

It’s nearly time to wrap up. At the moment I’m finishing a White paper on some SaaS integration and within an hour, I’m going to leave the office for an evening with friends.

Up to 2008! Yes 2008… A new year for some great opportunities. There’s so much to explore! 2008 will be the year for me for lots of new challenges, on and offline. For example, I’ve to finish my study, changes of the web, etc, etc.
And as some of the developers have noticed on SPN, Sitecore will release a new version of the product. Hopefully it becomes as lot of fun to explore as 5.3 was. 🙂

Their are some ambitions who finally become reality and in 2008 I’m finally going to release my first Sitecore Developer toolkit ;). Yes that’s a promise :D. You’ll hear a lot more about all my plans for 2008 very soon, I’m sure you’ll like it…

Well and a couple of weeks ago, I’ve reached another milestone in blogging: 2 years. And, I’m still active… :). Sometimes a little less and sometimes, like today, a little more! It look a little bit like a sinus.

Yesterday I’ve upgraded my blog to v2.3.2, so I’m totally 2008 ready ;). Some stats for the fans:

  • 212 posts
  • 68.956 spam comments(and counting…)
  • 5000+ unique visitors per week
  • 800 megabyte of traffic monthly

I think it’s time to place some ads on my blog…

Last but not least, for those who are interesting and are familiar to the Dutch language, check LECTRIC’s new website(our department). Good work, team Belarus and Sjoerd(-s)!!

There’s nothing else to say then: have a great evening, and hopefully I’ll see you again in 2008(on my blog or in real life!).

2 thoughts on “2008 and two years of blogging”

  1. Not surprisingly your website attracts high traffic; the quality of your articles, – and the regular posting interval makes is always enjoyable to visit sitecore.alexiasoft.nl.

    Hope you will continue the blog with just as good quality blog posts in the new year.

    I’m also looking forward to the upcoming developers kit…

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