Written a while ago but never posted:

I’m currently sitting down in a train on the way to home. Just read the blogpost by Michael Stal(Architect @ Siemens Germany, the Sitecore powered company ;-)) about OOPSLA 2007.
He has written a cool abstract of the by him attended sessions @ OOPSLA 2007. You can read it over here. Don’t bother when you aren’t interested in Language Evolution, high-level system design or functional programming. It’s all about a very high level of software engineering or actually the evolution of it.

Looking at the statistics say way enough. This is the definitely the sh*t for innovators such as Sitecore developers ;-).

Some General Statistics:

Attendees 1225
90% male
60% newcomers
Most are architects, researchers, developers, also some testers
78% academy, 22% industry
Most 25-34, then in the age of 35-44
31% from rest of the world, the others from Canada and US

Next OOPSLA is in the capital of Country music, Nashville. I’m going to look if I’ve the ability to attend…