Legally separating content – The goals

This is post 1 out of 4 about one of my new projects. At a local government organization I’m currently working on a new solution which is all about separating and sharing content. I thought this might become interesting as lots of you guys will struggle with similar questions and problems during your projects.

So what is general the idea? For one of our customers we’ve build an intranet-site which was delivered by the end of 2006. This intranet site was targeting the internal customer, every internal employee who’s working on a daily base inside the building of the customer.
This organization has also a group of important ‘information workers’ who don’t have a desk inside the building. They’ve received a notebook to perform their daily work. There’s also an important details on these persons. They are politician. They are elected by the start of 2007 and they will work for 4 years on one or more specific tasks. Most of these politicians have some relation with the internal organization. For example, they share documents, ideas, plans, agenda’s, etc.
There are also some main differences. In general, the politicians decide what the regular inside worker should perform. Not on a low level base, but strictly high level. On the other side, the internal worker facilitates the normal civilian. This implicates that:

  • A politician shouldn’t know anything about the daily operations in the company
  • But an inside worker shouldn’t be interested in the way a politician operates

For example, when the politicians decide something about IT or even schedule a meeting about IT, they are not allowed to use the internal organization as a source. At the same time, an internal worker is not allowed to influence the decision. The agenda’s and even news bulletins should be separated.

The internal organization has an amount of people who manage the intranet. These people include the direct assistants of the politicians(they are internal and used to operate in-between). And as 90% of the content won’t be separated all content goes in 1 CMS installation.

All these requirements together including some additional infrastructure requirements make it quite a challenging project. The next week you can expect 3 more entries about this task. First one will be about the way we’ve implemented it in the client(in a real Sitecore/Office 2007-way) the other 2 are more in-depth stories. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the reading. Please share your ideas and comment with me so I will be able to explain all the unclear stuff.

For now: have a nice weekend!