Typo3, Joomla and Umbraco progress

Yesterday evening I’ve been involved in the monthly Umbraco chats. It was all about packaging and extensibility yesterday. Being in such a chatsessions, gives you a good sight on the current progress of a project like Umbraco. The chatlog will be published later today on Umbraco.org.
In the session, Niels Hartvig and other contributors discussed the possibilities of the new package repository(am I allowed to place link here?) and the possibility to couple styles to it.
It seems that Niels is organizing the whole community around Umbraco to get ready for further (more advanced) Umbraco releases(3.1 /  4.0).

This morning I continued my way trough the Open Source CMS’s and found this set of slides about Typo3 5.0. The guys are definitelly innovative! Altough I’m still not happy with their TypoScript, they work at least on better and improved versions of their framework.
Hopefully v5 won’t be that over-engineered as v4 is. You can get the first snapshots of version 5 on the v5 dev-trac site.

Joomla seems to be at the final stage of their v1.5 version. They’ve just released 1.5 RC3 under the codename ‘Takriban’(sounds like?!). An excellent piece of work as this third release candidate is released on 10 weeks after the release of RC1.
For everyone who’s interested in Joomla, I do recommend to read trough the Development Cycle so you get to know more about the lifecycle and Q&A-policies a Joomla releases goes trough.

Have fun playing with :).

3 thoughts on “Typo3, Joomla and Umbraco progress”

  1. I second drupal, it sh1ts on umbraco.
    Umbraco is so lacking documentation and is so full of unpatched bugs its not funny -> http://www.codeplex.com/umbraco/WorkItem/List.aspx. Also it claim to cross platform compatibility is BS on the server and the browser. That said it has great promise, and at least you can read the source code so if you are stuck with IIS you could do worse.
    Also plone rocks if you have the brain to use it.

  2. Having built sites in both Umbraco and Drupal, I actually prefer Umbraco. Specifically, I find the document type model much more intuitive than Drupal’s ubiquitous ‘node’ approach. I also find the Macro/ User Control strategy extremely easy to work with. Particularly for more complex tasks.

    But we cannot underestimate the damage that Umbraco does to itself by the underwhelming documentation. And whatever Einstein decided to upgrade that great dearth of knowledge to a PAID service should be summarily sacked. Just a staggeringly bad idea. So to really qualify my preference for Umbraco, I’d have to say that it takes a lot of patience to wade through its various short-comings. But. Once you know it, getting things done is blazing fast.

    Finally, it’s critical to point out that I am more .NET dev than I am PHP, even though I’ve been doing PHP longer. AFAIC, the advantages of using User Controls and c# ALONE are too valuable to ignore. On the other hand, Drupal is very easily a close second or better. I really like Drupal and it slaughters the rest of the LAMP products, especially Joomla and it’s sick, crippled sister, Mambo. I would further qualify my opinion by saying that, for me, the single most important criteria for any CMS is the ability to do what I want (i.e. not canned functionality) as fast and intuitively as possible. In this, Umbraco wins.

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