Working on my blog

You might noticed that I wasn’t quite active last weeks, but from know I’ll bevery active again in the blog-o-spher. Later today finally some tech-posts will appear. But now I want to point you on some refreshments of my blog. Some improvements:

  • Better category division. More taglike and also less expanded. General programming entries are better categorized as well. That important for the non-Sitecore readers.
  • Upgraded to Wordpress 2.2. A big improvement on the stability and the options I’ve got on the backend.
  • New layout!! I think that this ‘funeral layout’ will fit better to the professional character of my blog. As project such as ‘CMSGuru’ aren’t that actual anymore, it becomes time to show the world that this is a serious blog ;-).
  • Logo’s such as my MVP-logo, Technorati, etc have got a nice place now.

This weekend I’ll have some work to finish this small project:

  • Update links to other blogs
  • Update my personal information
  • Fix the size of the logos