SubSonic, a cool OR mapper

Just came across SubSonic. It seems to be one of the best free .NET OR-mapper around the world. I’m playing with it, but as my Visual Studios are a bit crappy these days(to much bètas) it isn’t going so fast as it should be.

Nice to see is that the Sonic-guys spent a lot of time on webcast on their website. Browsing more across their website I’m getting more excited about this product :). Here, a last free commercial with the abilities of SubSonic:

Generates your Domain Model

using our BuildProvider, we can generate you a full and complete Data Access layer with NO CODE to maintain.

Scaffolding Admin Interface

Rails-like scaffolds for your entire database with the drop of a server tag.

Helpful Development Controls and Utilities

DropDowns, QuickTables, RadioButtonLists, Scaffold help you get your pages up fast

Customize Your Configuration

SubSonic’s wide open. If you don’t like our code, change the templates! Or checkout the many config bits you can change as needed.

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