Some of my business concerns

A lot of people ask me these days: “Alex, why don’t you recommend more Open Source solutions? You are pretty enthousiast about product like Typo3, Alfresco and Umbraco.”.

Well, let me explain. Over the past 3,5 year I’ve worked with approx 8 different CMS’s. I’ve worked on large project and on small non-profit projects. I’ve seen several different solution for clients, marketing based solutions, technical based, usability based, etc. The only identical aspect was that the CMS was expected to work in a proper way, at any time. And when it didn’t work in the correct way, a patch should be releasedin at most 2 weeks.

Ofcourse everybody knows thos patches are always to late and upgrades are always a waste of money. I’m not going to start that discussion as it an endless one(even not with the Sitecore chaps ;)).
But essentially you’ve got a point there… Can we ‘trust’ the supplier of your CMS? In general I ask myself the next couple of question:

  • Are their any major releases last year?
  • Is the last patch released at least 2 month ago?
  • Does the producent supply an upgrade path?
  • Can I buy professional services in my own country without contacting the supplier itself?
  • Is the next big version scheduled in the next 18 months?
  • What about the history, does the supplier the software in-time(compared to the roadmap)?
  • Are their any signs of a Windows-awaiting-for-SP-image-problem?

For this reason I’m always a bit shy when it comes to recommending open source software. I’ve to say that the 3 mentioned above seem to have their releases on a quite high level, but then I only take a look at their releases in 2007.