(E)LECTRIC? Volta?

Yesterday I finally looked the videeos of Volta(video1, video 2), an amazing new way of webdevelopment. Well actually not new, it’s more an extremely flexible way of webdevelopment. It’s another product from the hands of Erik Meijer. In the past Erik was responsible for a lot of SQL Server stuff and ofcourse LINQ. These days he’s concentrating himself on productivity of developer by introducing stuff like LINQ2 and Volta.

I also like the name Volta, as LECTRIC is often pronounced as Electrian ;). Our 1o year anniversary had the slogan: ’10 years of the (E)Lectricity-men’ :P.

Anyway, back to Volta, what is Volta? Well Volta is a platform which provides developers to think about layering in their programs later. You cna decide at any time if you want to run someting on the client or the server. All managed.

Uhmm… All managed?! Yep! Even without a plugin… They’ve created a way where you can run assemblies using Javascript or when the client does support it, you can use SilverLight… Volta also allows you to modify your DOM in a more obvious way. Less tree-structured as you have to do it right now.
Just look at it as another toolset on top of ASP.NET / SilverLight / HTML.

Ofcourse it’s heavily under development. But who cares? It’s extremely exciting to see how hard guys like Erik are working for a simple developer like I’m and you are!