Presentations and trainings

In september the season is starting again… a seasion full of knowledge sessions and training. I’ve planned a couple of nice sessions until the end of the year so far:

  • September internal knowledgde session:
    Enterprise Library 3.0: Validation, Policy Injection and AOP
  • Day afterwards: XAML for the Web
  • October internal knowledge session: Sitecore Web.config tuning
  • November internal knowledge session: Sitecore System-node
  • December internal knowledge session: Master & Templates, Usage, Inheritance, Tips & Trics
  • Incompany training: Efficient usage of workflow and Sitecore diagnostic tools

As you can see, a whole range of different training /sessions. Starting from one and a half hour to whole days. When you’re interested in one of the above sessions and you want to join them or invite me to speak for your team, just let me know!
I’m always interested in a bigger audience(let’s say Netherlands, Belgium and some parts of Germany), more feedback, etc. I’m even plannng to do some open knowledge sessions(total free or for minimal costs) on Sitecore in combination with C# and ASP.NET.
You can always reach me on a.degroot (a) lectric (dot) nl or alex (a) alexiasoft (dot) nl.