I just went to my weekly tennis-training, and as usual, we had had drink(Ice Tea ;)) afterwards. Today I found out that one of my training buddies is a SAP-programmer/consultant. Ofcourse we spoke a lot about what he did and what I do. And not surprising, he works with web applications as well, actually, he implements them. He told be about larger systems he wrote and how his designs work. Finally he got some funny quotes I want to share with you:

  • I don’t have to look at connections, pooling, resources, etc, SAP takes care of that.
  • Service Orientation is not necesarry, why create a service when I can directly access the transaction layer?
  • I worked with a guy who created a service layer in an MVC-architecture, I told him he totally doesn’t understand SOA and MVC as well.
  • Databinding is the coolest feature of SAP.
  • I do create architectures, but I’m strictly binded to the kind of SAP portlet I implement.
  • ERP is so stable that it’s an excellent platform to build your website on.
  • I don’t see why you want any other rapportage them the stuff SAP does log by default.

I’m sorry, but I’m definitelly happy that I do not work with this guy! During the conversation I’ve been waiting if we’re able to come to a higher level, but this guys was so convinced about himself and SAP, that I decided to let it be… My god, does this guy understands why ERP’s and CMS’s are so often divided from each other just because the ERP ‘decides’ it are total different systems used for total different processes?
Or am I so wrong in this case?

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