Importance of understanding ASP.NET

These days I’m pretty annoyed by my own programming work. I’ve reviewed my own work more then once and found out that I’m definitelly not as productive as I would expect from myself. And, maybe more important, I don’t deliver the quality I expect I should be able to do so.

Looking futher at it, I’ve foudn out that my knowledge of ASP.NET is far below the required level of good webdeveloper. But uhmm.. Alex we tought you were the guru? Well, thatterm is way overkill. I actually think my brother and sister programmers in the world do agree with me as I say that about 90% of them doesn’t have the required knowledge for the job they are doing. They might be skilled enough, but the exact knowledge is missing. 

So I’ve given myself 5 improvements tasks which should be ready by the end of August:

  1. For general code tasks, make guidelines. This includes
    • Dividing classes in regions
    • Splitting of class-files / allowing of more stuff within a class of a file
    • Enums vs classes
    • Usage of helpers
    • Defining what is self explaining and what should be comemted(for example, the ‘e’ in events is pretty self explaining)
    • Find out in which case you should use Html- and WebControls
  2. Get through the whole process of databinding. This includes stuff like creating inherited controls from repeaters and gridviews.
  3. Make the whole process of retrieving data out of Sitecore(or any other system) to the final display-steps visible for myself any other developer
  4. Become more familiar with stuff like ASP.NET theming and skinning
  5. Make a transparatn solution for databinding within Sitecore wether my data is displayed by XSLT of C#

I know, I might be a bit to critical to myself. But sometimes you’ve to stop innovating and stabalize your roots. Results on the above quests will be published here.