Sitecore seems to listen to feedback

Just foudn out that Sitecore really listens to feedback :). A while ago I sent the developer my own URLUtil as Item.Path.GetFriendlyUrl() seemed to create broken links for more advanced site-configs.
So I spent a whole day on writing this util and look, the latest build(earlier build might have it too) has the following overloads:

  1. GetFriendlyUrl() //Default, no interface changes 
  2. GetFriendlyUrl(bool shorten) //Default, no interface changes
  3. GetFriendlyUrl(string sitename) //Resolve url by site
  4. GetFriendlyUrl(string startPath, string virtualFolder) //Same a above but now you can control your own startath and virtual folder

Goo to see that Sitecore actually listens to this kind of feedback. Altough I remember I had a very strong case, I didn’ t expect them to accelarate this quick without breaking any interfaces at all :).
Note: haven’t tested  it fully, but it seems to work :).

2 thoughts on “Sitecore seems to listen to feedback”

  1. Well, Alex,

    Wasn’t this what I’ve always claimed? 😉

    Anyways, – for any reader of Alex’s blog, let me encourage everybody to contribute with enhancements.

    Simply describe what your challanges are in full, then a potential solution, and if possible, even some code.

    The more you can deliver to us, the faster we can act.

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