Another Sitecore build, the June(06) version

Yesterday, Sitecore released a new version of their main product. It’s th build of the 28 of june(5.3.1 build 07(y)06(m)28(d)).
A quite huge chnagelog has posted again. So far I’ve seen by now you can upgrade painless to this version. Altough I haven’t got a change to compare stuff like the web.config. Here’s a cropped list of fixed bugs/enhancements:

  • Workflow auto-publish action of media item does not publish media/blob content.
  • Access to items in different languages is inconsistent. User rights are denied at random for users when accessing items in new content languages created in Sitecore, while access to items in the primary (en) language is always maintained.
  • Virtual user login in Page_Load event of loginPage doesn’t work.
  • AJAX works fine in WebEdit mode even if a content marker is placed on the layout.
  • Any event of any ASP.NET control does not work on login page that is specified in the loginPage parameter for

    <site name = “website” ! />

  • Publishing of media items takes too long if the replacer mode is on in the web.config file and there are a lot of replacements. The replacer now skips the blob fields.
  • AJAX works fine on the Sitecore front-end now.
  • Confirmation window “This operation may take a long time to complete !” appears when a master with a lot of references is being renamed.

As you might noticed, this is the third release in 3 months. At this moment, we’ve got over 6 Sitecore project running and another 25 which are maintained by our support team. You can imagine what kind of pain there is when we haev to upgrade every time.
Last week we’ve spent a lot of time on a dramatic merge from 3 different branches. It wasn’t all because of the new release of Sitecore, that was just another problem :(. But as the product Sitecore grows and the solution become bigger and bigger, upgradign becomes more and more a problem. So we’ve asked Sitecore last week to think better about release management strategy. I was kinda happy when Lars told me that someone is actually working on a better release management and also on better tools to support the partners. You should think about tools like ‘upgrade packagers’, ‘sttings comparers’, etc.
When you’ve got problems with upgrading between version as well and when you can describe the pain, please don’t hestitate to do this! Just create a support-ticket and they will redirect you message to the right person inside Sitecore. The more response, the faster Sitecore’s reaction. Thank you!