Sick of tagging

One thing I definitelly hate about the concept web 2.0 is tagging. I hate those unused links at the bottom of blogs, articles, etc. Why? Why do not use tags as an internal thing, but do not publish those incredible irritating  are unstructured mess below or on the right side of a piece of content… It’s disturbing and nobody clicks on uncategorized messy words. Well… they might be interesting when well selecting and displayed in a well-designed way, but all of you know better. These days tags are a total mess!

Just had to share this with the world… Sorry tag-addicts! I’m just sick of them! 😛

One thought on “Sick of tagging”

  1. Can you pput your stats where your mouth is? In my experience, people do click my categories for instance…
    On the new version of my blog I will add more tagging functionality. Although certainly not a tag cloud!

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