DevDays 2007…

Today, the first day of the Dutch DevDays had place in the Rai(Sitecore powered :P). As always you have a lot of expectations for these days. Several big names appeared on the lists such as Scott Guthrie, Dino Esposito, Ingo Rammer, Jan Tielle, Alex Thissen, etc. And when you hear these names, you expect a reall high level of courses. But for the first year, microsoft decided not to publish the regular session levels(100-400). So properly I’ve been only to 100 and 200 sessions, because even Ingo Rammer couldn’t hold my attention for longer then 30 minutes. Seems that I read way to many blogs :P.

Altough there weren’t that much technical challenges, socially there were a lot. LECTRIC decided 2 weeks ago to go to the DevDays with out own Stand(crazy bastards). So I’ve been a lot around there today. And, I’m becomming famous :P. It’s funny to see that people actually recognise my name or my person by the photo on my blog :). And it’s even more challenging to start a nice discussion with someone who doesn’t know you, who doesn’t know LECTRIC, Sitecore or anyting like that.
But I’ve found out that our Dutch .NET Community has a lot of nice chaps. Starting a little to enthousiast(this scared people a little), but after the first break, I really got the drive :). I’ve visited nearly all of our direct concurrents, had some interesting talks with lots of Sharepoint developers(still they are dirty and stink like hell, but the discussion were fun ;)). Talked to the ‘live’ guys. Been on the photo with a pretty nice girl(correction: a hotty :P), and with lots of other chaps. The photo’s were covered with Star Trek spaceships, before those ships they placed you with ‘light-swords’ and the slogan ‘Challenge yourself’.

Later on had some more excellent chats with several different people. And by the end of the day I nearly collected more business cards then the amount of leaflets I’ve give away.. Nearly… The result of 1 day:

  • Spread 15 business cards
  • Received another 24
  • Spread leaflets: 450 – 475 😛

For next year I’ve got some big plans. I definitelly want to represent Sitecore as well. Altough the Sitecore logo is on the LECTRIC site, there is no real promotion. Too bad :(. Another thing I want to show next year is how interesting CMS-development can be… how challenging! Hopefully Lars has some time to travel to the Netherlands, so we can speak (together and/or seperated?) about developer challenges these days. I’m sure Microsoft will give us that possibility! I’ve at least another year to persuade them. 🙂

Tomorrow, Erik Meijer is going to talk about LINQ 2.0. A really interesting topic, but because of some others plans on my schedule, I’ve decided not to attend. Good luck to my colleagues at the stand tomorrow! Have fun and hopefully the days will be a bit more satisfacting on the technical side…
At least bring Erik my regards ;).

For those who didn’t attend or who are a bit curious that they’ve missed some stuff… Don’t worry. Nearly everything recorded and will be spread accross the internet within the following weeks. I’ll give my opinion about the talks at that time.

That’s it for now. Looking forward what tomorrow brings me! 🙂

Specifying the right (post)buildcommands

A lot of time I build, just for prototyping, single pipeline/event-classes in a DLL. As Visual Studio is still the easiest development-tool I know, I’ve never tought a moment about using csc.exe or even msbuild-scripts. I just create a Class-library. One of the most disappointing things in VS2005 is the configuration of post-build options. But it is friday evening and I’ve got a second sparetime before having a beer with some friends, so I’ve explored Visual Studio a little.
I’m now able to run my browser directly after building by just adding 1 line to my post-build settings:

post build event

Using CTRL+Shirt+B, I directly run my solution now in a new browser. Just good enought for simple protyping :D.