Something on the way… there’s Umbraco again!

To be honest.. over the past 6 months I’ve been spitting against Umbraco. Have told aroudn that they will never be able to release version 3, that their codebase is unordered, the organisation of the devteam definitelly is terrible, etc. But… although I didn’t expect that they we’re going to make it, the first Release Candidate of version 3 is finally released. So I guess I need to say sorry to Niels Hartvig and all the others. I’ve to sent my best regards to them and congratulate them with this excellent release!

One of the coolest thing compared to the version I’ve seen before is the incredible cool wizard on the first run. It’s clear and usefull( it forces you to change the ‘admin’ password with the strange name ‘umbraco’ instead of the regular ‘admin’).
The setup of your datatypes is really simplistic and the folderstructure seemed to be cleared up a lot.

Working on my new posts on config management, I’ll properly try to create them for both Sitecore and Umbraco. As Umbraco is XCopy deployable, which is less recommended to do with Sitecore these days(which is not a bad thing). Hopefully will it prove the flexibility of my views on this subject.

So far: good job :D!

One thought on “Something on the way… there’s Umbraco again!”

  1. Thanks – I never had any doubts that v3 wouldn’t be released, though 😉

    We’ve got a lot to learn, but things are progressing very nicely in opening up the dev team – you’re welcome to join. Changing to Codeplex have helped co-development and as the next versions will be the first where I wasn’t alone when the dev. started, I’m positive that the planning will be much smoother, rather than v3 which was also a transition phase.

    While I agree that the codebase definately needs refactoring, we’ve decided to wait for that until v4. As performance is excellent and the API is wellordered, our first priority was to respect the 25.000 websites already running umbraco and ensure a clean upgrade experience. An upgrade from v2.x to v3 is simply an xcopy process and the install wizard will automatically finish the upgrade and nothing on your old site will break. How about that 😉

    You’re right about naming the default user “umbraco” is silly – I’ll change that!


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