Sitecore Software Configuration Management

What a nice title: SSCM… 😉 During the last year(-s) I’ve seen how good configuration management should work for several specific projects. Since a year now, I’m trying to get everything ready to run in a non-custom way trough all steps of the buildprocess, with the primary focus on ‘making sure developers stay developers’. I don’t want to introduce new project roles such as Config Managers, I also don’t want to make the whole SSCM-thingie be modified per project.
Last but not least, in my opinion config management is the first part of the Software Factory vision.

As I don’t get the expected response from my employer on the plans I’ve introduced, I’ve decided to do it totally my own way by writing Whitepapers-like blogsposts.

So what will I build? In one sentence:
A structured CMS developer street with the solutions for data-design, automated deployment and consistent naming tools.

Why reinvent the wheel?
Well so far I’ve seen that we’re able to create such a solution for one specific product. This time it will be the way around: a solution for any CMS with Sitecore specific examples.

What to expect:

  1. Virtualisation
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. Guidances
  4. Design tools
  5. Reportage
  6. Customer expectation management