Become capable

There are way to many architects and lead developers in this world who really think they can create reusable and extremely scalable applications. I’m definitelly not going to give an example, there are way to much examples. And as a self-respecting developer you properly have worked with a solution like that.

When you don’t want to become such a jurk(!!!!), the Thursday Architectural Series of Microsoft is a good idea. Also take a look at the blog of Siemens’ Architect Michael Stal.
Next to it, there a books I suggest these days: The Software Factory Book

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One thought on “Become capable”

  1. I think I know a great example, what about Sitecore? Sitecore is certainly a reusable and extremely scalable application…

    I don’t suspect you’re calling Michael Seifert and Lars Nielsen “jerks” (with an e) here so what’s the deal?

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