The world is moving

Yes I’m back from the mountains! Had some excellent days with wonderfull people around me. Sun, snow, snowboards, beers and some beautifull women ;-). It also have been some pretty good days to clear up your mind. That’s just necesarry sometimes!

While I’ve been relaxing, etc, the world of .NET development has started shaking! MIX ’07, ADO.NET vNEXT release changes, Silverlight, etc. I’m not going to discuss everthing with you guys on this blog, but some of them are definitelly influencing (the domain of) Sitecore, so they are worth to discuss:

  1. ADO.NET vNext
    The next version of ADO is delayed. The reasons are clear: the product isn’t finalized and even more obvious, the product is influencing products way more as Microsoft might expected. Microsoft is going to work on the product until the end of the year. Some improvements: IDE integration & Jasper.
    There are a lot of discussions about the how and what of this delay, I think that the delay of any new technology is an advantage these days. As the world is changing and growing way to fast.
    And the delay might also provide Ole and Jakob the possibility to take a closer look at it. As it might be extremely interesting to change the Sitecore dataprovder model…
  2. Silverlight
    The old name was ‘WPF/E’, these days called SilverLight. An incredible new technology which is going to change the world of animations. It might not replace Adobe’s Flash(Macromedia is aquired by Adobe a while ago), but it’s at least a good start. Some much things have changed. Take a look at and the Developer Reference Poster. And if you want to have everything in the right order and context, take a closer look at this Scott Hanselman’s blogpost.
  3. Astoria
    This is the last one to speak about today. As I’ve to clean up my whole feed and I think this amount information is more then enough to drink over 3 cups of coffee with ;-).
    Back to the brand new technology called ‘Astoria‘ – what a brilliant codename – which is a way to request (rellevant) data using the web. The concept is way from new, but it’s never described before as Microsoft these days.

That’s it for now. Have to write down some ideas which came up during my vacation :D.