Just Remoting? Gimme WCF support!

I want to point on the following post of Runi Thomson, a former developer of the Sitecore:

He’s talking about the support of remoting in the early builds of 5.3. I’ve been blogging about it as well.
Runi is a way better developer as I’m, I’m 100% sure about that, but in this case he forgets about WCF. Enabling ‘just remoting’ for Sitecore would be a dramatical architectural mistake, as WCF includes way more possibilities but has the exact same pain while implementing. Implementing ‘just remoting’ will ‘just’ limit the system.

Runi is totally right on that Sitecore should include way more possibilities to communicate with other systems. It’s hardly impossible to make Sitecore the fundamental system  of an enterprise environment without customising the whole system…

Thanks Runi for refreshing the subject, making Ole and Jakob again aware of that we want to see them blogging and for inspiring me on to think again about WCF…

2 thoughts on “Just Remoting? Gimme WCF support!”

  1. First, implementing WCF would require .NET framework 3.0. This could be a problem for some.

    Second, I am not sure that WCF can replace .NET Remoting, because it is something else. Supporting both frameworks would probably be the way to go.

    Remoting is a lot faster than WCF (google it), up to a factor 4. This is naturally extremely relevant when implementing enterprise application.

    It is true that WCF percents some new features. It is more a SOA way of doing things, but is that a good thing?

    I still swear to the object orientated paradigm and abstract data types. So until I am 100% sure that WCF supports the same passing of object graphs that .NET Remoting does, I will remain skeptical.

    I will probably soon be on a project that uses WCF in real life. After that, I can tell you if WCF is the holy grail 🙂

    I did not forget about WCF – I simply commented that the first real .NET 2.0 version of Sitecore (yeah, ok 5.2 was .NET 2.0 as well) did not support .NET Remoting.

    When Sitecore comes in a .NET 3.0 version, let’s talk WCF

  2. Hi Runi,

    As you proparly know, the WCF-dlls are based on the mscorlib of .NET 2.0.
    It is slower indeed, but what I meant is that you do enable all the possible communication options with WCF. You just can configure it. So you aren’t limited to ‘just remoting’.

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