Deployment: Don’t forget before you can move to production

One of the things I’m missing these days in our productionline of Sitecore solution is a checklist. I’ve created the first part below:

  1. How are you going to install? XCopy? MSI? Installer?
  2. In case of 5.3 have you thought about sufficient rights for creating prepromence counters?
  3. Have you made a release build of your code?
  4. Web.config checks:
    1. Is the sites-section configured in a right way? Are development hostnames removed and production hostnames filled in?
    2. Is the publish:end event configured for all custom sites?
    3. Are the cacheSizes configured for all custom websites?
    4. 5.3 only: Same goes out to the fastCache…
    5. Are any module specific settings right for the final environment?
    6. Have you talked with the sysops about the logfiles, what should be logged, where, how long should it remain there?
  5. Databases:
    1. Have you cleaned up the Archive and Recycle Bin?
    2. Have you removed all your test-items out of your master database(-s)?
    3. Is your Core-database configured right? Are all the changes to it listed?
    4. Have you cleanup unused users from both the Extranet and Security databases?
  6. Have you checked the logs on any errors? Does your solution produce unexpected errors?
  7. Do you have a correct license-file? Does it work with all the modules?

I guess this isn’t the full checklist. It’s just a start. Feel free to add items to it by replying on this post. I’ll update this post.