Developers knowledge session 2A: Design Patterns

Today the second monthly developer knowledge session @ LECTRIC. Talking about Design Patterns. A refresh for all my colleagues and for some total new stuff. Even some critical notes on the way Sitecore.Configuration.Factory is implemented ;-). Really cool session. The audience(6 colleagues) did a terrific job, aswell. I’m not really happy with these months slides. Next month they will be way more practical. Although the codesnap inside were really clear. They weren’t decorated enough and to boring. Have to fix that next time.

Next time will be within 3 weeks. And I’ll create the materials, Sjoerd, our Sitecore addict under development ;). He’s a bit curious if his knowledge is at the required level, but I can promise him, it will be at that time. And I’ll help him.

By the way, the last notes on the slides of today: They include some homework. Yep, hopefully my colleagues take a little time to look at them. I’ve decided to ask some highly experienced developer to give some feedback on their tasks. If you want some feedback on your task, just sent me your task. You should be able to complete it in 2-3 hours. Experienced developers should be able to do it faster…

Download the slides here

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