Quick questionary

Before I go:

What do you like more?

  1. Sitecore explored articles – Running trough the API, finding out stuff, ‘hacking the core’
  2. Tutorials on Sitecore – How to create my own… Your first WebPart framework implementation…
  3. Sitecore comparing to other systems
  4. Process of creating the best Sitecore solutions(design docs, builds, best practices, appointments, rules, guides, etc :P)

What should be my main goal for 2007?

  1. Doing a Channel 9-like interview with all the Sitecore employees I meet(sorry Kerry, just missed you ;-))
  2. Web and screencasting together with the Sitecore team
  3. 1 full month(30 days): daily posting

Let me hear your voice!

2 thoughts on “Quick questionary”

  1. Ouh, Alex. Lovely to get a saying;

    1. I’ll like to get articles on the API; after all it requires certain quality to resolve very complex stuff.

    2. I like too to se usage of the web part framework, e.g as a sub layout (for example, the front page of the demo site, or a “my page” section to the demo site).

    3. Comparing Systems: well, i don’t know. Naturally I’m confident we’re better ;-), but in the other hand there’s a lot of people doing this.

    4. Guidelines, best solutions; that too would be very nice to have, but I think it’s hard to do as Blogging. If you have an idea, I don’t mind giving my 5 cents of input to it.

    In regards to your main goal:
    1. Channel 9-like interview: Go ahead; I make sure to support you from this side. However, I cannot guarantee that everybody else in here can assign resources. After all it’s their time.
    2. Web and screen casting with the team. This is interesting. If you want to, I’ll love to help you with this part; it could be “best practice” on templates or the like with “guest appearance, Alex…”.
    3. Full month posting; only if you have anything interesting to say 🙂 I rather have the high quality postings you are doing now, than some “just to fill out my quota” postings.

    However, most important for your continuous goals; it must be fun! Especially in regards to you, Alex, who are so passionate about your work! You should keep up the high spirit, the enthusiasm, and the quality.

  2. well, since i’m one of your fans, here’s my 2 cents:

    Q1: Sitecore explored articles.

    You rock when it comes to dwelving deep into code and the level you go when explaining the details i always find useful and inspiring.

    Q2: Channel 9-like interviews.

    bring the shy ones out into the open a bit, and it’d be interesting to see where your discussions would lead 😉


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