Preparing for presentations

Tomorrow I’ll finally provide our Sitecore team the 2nd part of our Developers Knowledge Session. It’s all about Design Patterns and the way they are used in Sitecore. As 50% of our team has studied Informatica it shouldn’t be a problem… It shouldn’t, but the reality is that Object Orientation will not be fully understand @ school. The virtual ball will start rollling when developers are working for 1 or 2 years and when they have to deal with complex architectures. Examples of those architectures: ASP.NET Controls structure, Page/Server Events but also Sitecore and the innerworks of Sitecore.
Back to the topic, I’ve seen to many school program who try to teach Object Orientation and structural Object Orientation such as Pattern in 8 weeks… That won’t work even not for the most skilled developers. The world is changing, but on this topic, education can learn a lot from the reality.

For this reason I want to refresh the minds of my colleagues and try to focus their view on their own work. Look at the knowledge. Our teamlead, Martijn and manager, Bart, allow me to do this. And I’m glad that I can use Sitecore as a red topic through my whole story. This helps me to change the view of my public. Not just a theoretical story, but a story with a goal: get to know Sitecore better.

Anyway, that’s tomorrow. Afterwards, 2 weeks from now, I’ll do a talk to our Salesmen and Project Management. About… .NET. Huh? Yeah, I’m going to talk about CLR, CLI, JIT, C# or VB, Evangelism, etc. All to make sure, they can spread the word to the customer. And they know why we make decisions. Why we want to create proper designs. Some of them do understand that .NET is a Java-like language or sometthing like that, but do they really understand what it is? Why we’re working with it? Why I’m, and Sitecore for example is, so excited about it? And how we can benefit from it? I know you can’t tell ‘m all in just one session. Actually my first agenda was way to large. Decided to remove 50% of it. Added some bussiness cases, added movies, jokes everything. I want them to ask me to give another presentation. This question came from a manager(again Bart, thank you dude!), hopefully, they’ll ask me to come back later a month later. Or 2 months. And finish a new story. More and more. And talk about?
By the way, do you know what your management knows about .NET? Project managers? Salesmen? Have you ever asked them why they’ve promised something to a customer? Is this because they believed you could make it? Or was it to let you run out of time?  I feeling so well when I’m talking with these guys. Inside LECTRIC they really are willing to understand my story.

I gues both sessions will be definitelly hard. They take 200% attention. But I don’t care. I like this addiction. I like the empty feeling afterwards…
Tomorrow I’m going to tell you guys about Gabrielle, my new sweet toy, inside my mind?! Haha, have you ever created your virtual world? 

Have to run! Slides are waiting for me ;-).